Pyxis LFO

The Pyxis Wavetable LFO is a Eurorack module built around a 32 bit ARM microcontroller, rather than more traditional analogue technology. This means that it is able to offer a far more flexible take on modulation than most current Eurorack LFO modules, rivalling the capabilities of even some modern software virtual instruments.

The heart of the module is a wavetable scanning oscillator; this allows for smooth “crossfade” between a sequence of four waveforms, allowing an unparalleled number of wave shapes. With user definable waveform sequences, complete control over ordering, phase, and repetition, this is a massively flexible module.


  • Wavetable scan between sequences of up to four waveforms; define custom wavetables from 9 waveforms, with control over multiplier and phase of each entry in the table; the picture below shows such a sequence:

    The animation below shows the effect of scanning through the resulting wavetable:

  • Three switchable frequency ranges:
    • 0-1 Hz
    • 0-10 Hz
    • 0-100 Hz
  • Voltage control over wavescan, frequency, phase.
  • Attenuverters on all voltage control inputs; complete control over the effect of incoming control signals.
  • Retrigger and/or clock input; quantise the LFO output to either an external or internal clock source, for tempo synced modulation effects. Retrigger allows the module to act as an envelope generator.
  • OLED screen provides intuitive visual feedback on the current state of the oscillator.
  • High performance ARM microcontroller; hardware floating point DSP, 22khz sample rate, 12 bit ADC/DAC resolution.



The user manual for the Wavetable LFO is available for download here


The Pyxis Audio store on Tindie is open for business; click here to purchase…